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Blue Star Automation Acquires Impres Engineering Services

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Great partnerships are built on different strengths that come together for the same purpose.  In April of this year, Blue Star Automation LLC acquired Impres Engineering Services LLC, a Holland-based machining and engineering firm.  Ross Hoek, the founder of Impres, will continue his involvement in the company he started 21 years ago as an advisor.  An expert journeyman mold maker and model builder, Hoek will be involved in the aspect of the business he feels the most passionate about.  Andrew Samrick, the president of Blue Star Automation, had this to say about working with Hoek, “He can see the product, and I can see how to build the business and the culture around it to be able to help us move that product.  We can do more together than each of us could on our own.”

In addition to serving as the president of Blue Star Automation, Samrick is also the owner of Blue Star Family Holdings, a holding company for his corporate investments. The recent acquisition of Impres Engineering provides Blue Star Automation with the opportunity to maximize opportunities in the area of manufacturing compression tooling, used in the formation of carbon fiber and other lightweight composite material.   Samrick believes the compression tooling side of the business has untapped potential but also wants to bring in experienced engineers to design automated fixtures and reduce costs.  “We have the ability to be a one-stop shop,” Samrick told MiBiz in a recent interview with staff writer, John Wiegand.

Blue Star Automation has strong financial and capital resources and intends to target an expansion of its talent pool before pursuing an aggressive ramp up in business in 2017. Samrick believes that hiring the best talent in the industry is a strategic and necessary decision that will secure the company a winning position within the marketplace.  Blue Star intends to double its workforce in the coming months, which will create a springboard that allows them to prepare for the significant jump in revenue anticipated in 2017.