About Us

Value & Service

Blue Star Automation specializes in manufacturing complex automated work cells, fixtures, special use machines, and tooling systems. Our engineers design more than parts and pieces: they design solutions that save you time and bring peace of mind.

When other tool and die manufacturers have reached max capacity, we’re just getting started.  Our team is driven to serve you from concept to implementation, and they’re unafraid to undertake even the most daunting process or machine improvements to support your needs. From our signature no-hassle startup to our extraordinary onsite support, we’re prepared to help you meet purchase price targets, reduce costs, and become the most valuable player in your organization.

When constraints are shutting down your ability to meet deadlines, perform at a high caliber, and keep a life outside of work—we step in. We’ll solve the unsolvable, and boost your peace of mind and job satisfaction while we’re at it, because Blue Star Automation isn’t afraid to do the heavy lifting.  While a commodity supplier can provide commodity solutions; we shine when problems and deadlines create a complexity that other suppliers veer away from. We’re nimble in multiple industries, masters of design-through-delivery at the speed of light, and we never quit.

Because different projects run at different speeds, you choose the pace. Standard Speed shrinks your lead time by 15% and is our most cost-effective option. Improbably Fast was designed for those projects with compressed timelines; it’ll cost more, but your deadline will be met. Impossibly Fast engages every necessary resource to save the day and meet your tightest lead-time challenges. When all else has failed but you can’t, this is your option. The fee is higher but so are the stakes. If your needs include tooling and automated systems for the automotive, heavy truck, aerospace, and office furniture industries; but you require perfection and nothing less—come to us. 


Provisionally approved for ISO9000 and enthusiastically pursuing certification to AS 9100 standards.