Meet the Blue Star Automation Team

Paul Madden
Machining Manager

Responsible for all aspects of daily operations, Paul's four decades in machining, mold building, and automation allow him to balance the competing needs of differing customers to bring projects to completion. Paul enjoys the fast pace and ever changing dynamic of our work, and coaches our apprentices and experienced team members to help them achieve their best!

Email: PaulM@BlueStarAutomation.com

Kurt Hardin
Design/Build Manager

Working closely with customers and manufacturing, Kurt brings insights from his lifetime in the trades as machinist, moldmaker, designer, and program manager to bear in completing our larger projects. From "No Headache Startup" to runnoff and installation, Kurt and his team are critical to the timely delivery of complex solutions in special machines and in-line automation, as well as prototype and production compression and injection molds.

Email: KurtH@BlueStarAutomation.com

Andrew Samrick

Andrew SamrickThroughout his career, Samrick has led businesses in the manufacturing, distribution, and professional services sectors. During this time, he’s found that a team of smart, focused individuals; values-led management; strong discipline; and a love of work lead to organizational success and positive financial results. An entrepreneur at heart, he’s happiest working to imagine and execute the impossible; be it in product development, cost, quality, or speed to market.

Email: Andrew@bluestarauto01.wpengine.com