Case Studies

JR Automation

Even the largest and best of companies can find themselves with an order backlog too large to complete on time. In this case, JR Automation asked our team to assist in the completion of a major manufacturing system. From machining and turning to component assembly, we were able to keep their project on track for timing - and delivered peace of mind for a manufacturing team too busy to get it done.


Billed as the Uber of machine shops, technology platform MakeTime works with select machine shops to fulfill its customer orders. After completing dozens of projects, it was clear that we had become the go-to supplier for the most complex jobs with compressed timing. Beyond supporting MakeTime's growth, Blue Star has also helped keep manufacturing and R&D in the USA!


When it came time for heavy truck manufacturer Paccar's Dynacraft division to update check fixtures for big-rig entry steps, they chose Blue Star for our rapid turnaround capabilities. Nine fixtures - each configured for more than twenty parts - were completed on time, even after an engineering change less than twenty four hours before shipment was due!


ADAC Automotive

With automotive sales driving higher volume demands, ADAC needed to reduce secondary operations time and increase quality control. Our team created simple and effective work cell automation with a payback period of less than three months!


Whirlpool approached us with a request for extremely large 5-axis machining to execute patented product improvements.  Senior executives were expecting to approve the new product and see manufacturing launch in one week. Or less.  Blue Star was able to work in iterative design to produce a product that Whirlpool could manufacture.  We provided additional support with machinability for the prototype. Within two days, we completed the joint development of an amended product and in three more days—we machined the finished product. The team at Whirlpool received the stamp of approval on their new product offering. Just in time.



A team with members from the plastics and automotive industries faced impossible odds when attempting to meet on-time delivery demands for the 2017 Acura NSX, while struggling under machining and quality issues. Colossal amounts of parts needed to be machined in three days. Blue Star shouldered the challenge of manufacturing fixtures and nests to support multi-part, 24-hour machining. As a result, quality and delivery demands were met in one fell swoop, and the launch of the 2017 Acura NSX marched forward—uninterrupted.