Special Machine Automation

Special Machine and Automation Solutions

Custom-designed single-use machines and inline automation make manufacturing work faster and mistake-proof. 

Today's manufacturing environment is more than competitive. With global low cost countries moving into higher quality products, companies around the globe find themselves constantly working to reduce cost without cutting corners. Blue Star Automation is your partner, offering innovative and cost effective solutions. From fully integrated automated work cells to automated secondary operations and end of arm tooling, we help you drive down cycle time, increase throughput, reduce errors, and minimize quality issues.

  • Automated and manual assembly stations and fixtures
  • Clip drive assembly machines
  • Safety guard cells with integrated safety logic systems
  • Visual and spacial quality verification systems
  • Heat stake machines
  • Air logic fixtures
  • Metal and plastic welding  applications
  • Sonic/vibratory welding systems
  • Robotic end of arm tooling
  • Bar code reader/printer integration